Studio Tessere (Italian for weaving studio) is a one-woman operation, with the exception of a few furry assistants, based in Boston, Massachusetts.

I produce hand painted or hand dyed, hand woven wearable fiber art, primarily using silk and bamboo. Currently, my work is focused on Woven Shibori, a resist dyeing technique where the pattern threads are inserted as I weave the fabric. Then those threads are pulled and tied off, compressing the fabric to provide a resist before being hand painted or immersion dyed. After dyeing, the pattern threads are removed, exposing a unique printed pattern on the woven surface.​​


Weaving Studio                                                                                           Linda Senechal 


Studio Tessere

I love working with color and coming up with unexpected color combinations. The color choices and dyeing method can make the same pattern look very different, adding to the uniqueness of each scarf or shawl and making it one of a kind.

I taught weaving at Bridgewater State College for five years. When I'm not working in my studio, I paint the urban landscape in oils from my photographs. I'm an avid gardener and an enthusiastic baseball (Cleveland Indians) and Bruce Springsteen fan. 

My work can be found in 
Fiberarts Design Book Six and 1000 Artisan Textiles. If you have any questions or comments about my work or wish to purchase a piece, please Contact me. Thank you for visiting my online studio.